The success story of Freshia fruit industries starts way back in 1930 Karachi (Pakistan). My great grand father T.M.Manek started the business by the name of T.M.Manek fruit products in the busy street of Denso hall, Karachi, Pakistan with sole aim of giving quality syrups at affordable price. Our initial products at that time where orange crush, pomegranate crush, Manek’s pineapple syrup , which were instant hits.

Later on my grand father MR. K.T. MANEK took over business. He was the person who developed the famous fruit beer, pineapple syrup in Karachi. After partition K.T.MANEK moved to Delhi, India. In 1960 he started the shop in Delhi’ famous bazaar qutab road, sadar bazaar where he himself served fruit beer, pineapple in ready to drink bottle & response was fabulous in no time our products were very famous through out Delhi, thanks to mouth publicity. Later on he started to bottled these famous syrups (especially fruit beer, pineapple syrup) with the brand name of “MANEK” with our first F.P.O. no. 42, (MANEK FRUIT PRODUCT). Till date fruit beer is famous by the name of “MANEK’S FRUIT BEER” in few years MANEK FRUIT BEER famous in other cities like Assam, Patna, Jaipur, Pattyala, chandigadh etc. people from above mentioned cities come to Delhi only to buy bottle of MANEK FRUIT BEER by the time MR. D.K.MANEK entered the business. On seeing the popularity of our products he decided to wholesale these products & started manf. unit in Lawrence road industrial area, DELHI later on company also started manufacture rose, vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry for milk & ice-cream sodas. These products are used by restaurants, cateress etc. In early 2000, there were many duplicate company (on seeing the popularity of OUR products). This started of affecting the company’s sales & goodwill. As the aftermath of this in 2004, the company name changed from MANEK FRUIT PRODUCTS to FRESHIA FRUIT INDUSTRY. Now company is manufacturing no. of products from syrups to crushes, mocktail syrups to jams etc.

It’s the hardwork & dedication of MR. T.M.MANEK, MR. K.T. MANEK, MR. D.K. MANEK THAT the company is growing forward & young generation of MANEK FAMILY are reaping the benefits of there goodwill & experience.

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It Is Our Pleasure To Introduce Ourselves To Your Organization We “Freshia” Is Renown As Pioneer In The Field Of Fruit Syrup, Cocktail & Mocktail & Fruit Crush In Manufacturing Since Last Four Decades In Same Field.


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We provide a wide range of Starch & Derivatives for our clients spread across the globe.